Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Product Review | Perky Pony

When you have a lob, you're on trend. But when you have a lob and love a good topknot, the lob isn't on point. Cue my new topknot bestie, the Perky Pony! This innovative hair clip is designed to give your ponytail a little more oompf (more on that next week!), but you can use it for a bunch of other styles as well, which got me thinking.

I used my Perky Pony to create a topknot by wrapping my hair around the clip to create more of a full bun. After putting my hair in a high ponytail, I inserted the Perky Pony and began wrapping my hair around it to hide it and securing it with some bobby pins.

The end result a topknot that no one even knew I had assistance in my topknot to make it look polished and full. I thought maybe after a few hours I'd be able to tell it was in my hair, but nope-I couldn't feel it at all!


To get your own Perky Pony-it comes in blonde, brown, black, & red; check out their website and use the coupon code polished15 for 15% your order!

*I received this product from Perky Pony for my honest review, all opinions are my own.