Monday, July 18, 2016

Peaches & Pits of year 31!

Well here it is, my 32nd Birthday! Sheesh, 32...gross! But really, I feel more content in my 30s this year. It's just nuts to think that I'm 32, my poor parents must be having a panic attack cause that makes them so old, ha! Here's my highs & lows of my 31st year...

        I had quite a few things happen in April, which was probably my best month of my 31st year.
  • First, I won a National Cheerleading championship at the Collegiate level. It was a crazy weekend and I am honored to add that to my cheerleading career. 
  • I got a promotion at work and celebrated my 3rd anniversary with the company! This was a welcomed change at work and I'm really proud of myself for moving up among the ranks.
  • My first magazine article went live! This was a scary and rewarding experience. I know I write daily here on the bloggy blog, but that was a whole new ballgame. And it's been a great learning experience. And the digital magazine even got printed which is INSANE to see my name and words in glossy color.
  • I rounded out April with another 1st place for cheerleading. As a coach, it can be the most unrewarding job at times. Especially with cheerleading. When you aren't in competition season, you spend most of your time convincing your athletes to buy into your system and conditioning schedule. But when you win, it makes it all worth it. Well, actually, when you see your group of kids perform their heart outs and give it 110% that's when it's worth it. The 1st place hardware is just icing on the cake!
  • The trip I took to Boston with my childhood bestie, JMichele. We had SO much fun and it was nice to have some time away together. We always pick up right where we leave off, but it was great to explore a new place with her by my side!
  • Christmas was super fun this year. Not that it isn't always fun, but the day felt not rushed and it was good to just unwind with my family. Also, it was unseasonable warm, like no jackets needed at all. I think it was practically 60 on Christmas Eve and I live in NY where December can be brutal. Even though it didn't feel like Christmas, it was almost like we were celebrating in a different place, it was different, but lovely. (How much of a run on sentance is that...?!)

     These are always a bit harder for me, but that's a good thing! But here are what I could come up with...
  • Putting my blog on the back burner while coaching. Trying to work full time, coach part time, and blog the rest of the time really isn't a recipe for success. There were plenty of nights where I would get home from coaching at 11:30pm and stay up editing a blog post, answering emails, and responding to comments until 2am. And then getting up at 7:30 (okay, if you really know me, 8:10) for my 8:30-5. I feel like I missed almost a whole year in trying to up my blog game. 
  • Basically quitting YouTube. I started doing videos on a literal whim on day last August and I was banging them out left and right, but then again cheer started and there went YT. But I want to start filming again really soon!
  • Not really dating. Well, I guess this is a kind pit. I am happy being single, I mean yes there are times I miss being part of a couple (esp when I'm the third or fifth wheel when I go out with my friends. Read about how I handle being the only single girl in my squad here) But all in all, I like being alone. When I think about getting in a relationship and not being able to just watch the Disney Channel for 6 hours in a row, it kinda bums me out. But then again, maybe it's just cause I haven't met the right guy. (Or maybe I have and he just lives a billion miles away...)

                                             So here's to 32, I hope it's my best year yet! Xo!