Monday, July 11, 2016

a book in review!

Brief Summary: 

When Gina Rossi was in junior high, her best friend’s psychic grandmother got everything right—from predicting that Gina would break her arm and travel to Italy, all the way to leading police to a missing neighborhood child. The one time Gina didn’t listen to her, she almost got herself killed. So when she says that Gina will marry a man named Ethan—but she will have to wait for him—Gina believes her, and waits…

Now thirty-six, Gina’s Mr. Right is nowhere in sight—until the day she’s stranded in a snowstorm, and rescued by the last type of Ethan she expected. It’s very romantic, yet surprisingly not. This Ethan is sexy, and clearly her hero. Still, instead of her “Aha” moment, Gina’s confused. And when Ethan is happy to discover she’s single, does Gina dare tell him, It’s because I've been waiting for you. But the bigger question is, does she dare question destiny—by taking it into her own hands? And is she brave enough to handle what happens once it’s time to stop waiting—and start living?

“Fans of romantic beach-reads will find that this book’s charismatic heroine makes it an engrossing page-turner.” --Kirkus Reviews


This may be the cutest book ever. I felt like it read like a made for TV rom com. There were funny parts, sad parts, parts where you wanted to shake some sense into the main character, Gina...Waiting for Ethan has it all! As someone who believes in psychics, I was sold on this story when I read the synopsis. I think the story's message is that what's for you will not pass you and I am a firm believer in that. Do yourself a favor and pick this 5 star rom com up, you won't be disappointed! And okay, okay, I know I say this every time, but this is honestly a perfect beach/weekend read, xo!

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