Tuesday, July 5, 2016

1st & 2nd Impression | Loreal Infalliable Pro Glow Foundation

The new, hard to find, member of the Loreal family promises to give a 24 hour hydrating glow to dry skin. And well if that wasn't a selling point to me, then I don't know what would be. The second I heard of this bad boy, I've been on high alert! After not finding it and telling the Ulta employees about this gem...twice, I finally got my hands on it at Target and they had one 102 Classic Ivory left, 1! Imagine my luck!

I gave this beauty a try both Sunday and Monday and here's how it went. 

very filtered snapchat I sent my friends to show the pro-glow in action.
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Sunday-I decided on no primer and no setting spray to see how this held up. I was going to be outside for a few hours at my cousin's semi-pro soccer game. This foundation goes on like a complete dream. It's so light weight and gives off a nice dewy glow. It reminds me of when I add the Loreal Lumi Primer to my foundation. When I went to take it off about 10 hours later, it still look liked I had just applied it. Which you'll just have to take my word for cause I don't have a pic of it...moving on.

same filter as yesterday. testing out a red lippie as well...multitasking at it's finest people!

Monday-I was feeling a little frisky on this no plans day off, so I decided to mix the lumi primer with the foundation. And let me tell you....dayummm, glow for days! My high points were beaming the rest of my face just had a healthy glow. Again, no setting spray and it stayed like a champ! The coverage is definitely on the lighter side, but buildable. Below is a unfilter pic to show the coverage.

It's safe to say this foundation will be a permanent feature in my collection and everyday life from now on, xo!