Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Six by Summer Finale!

update- I have about 3 more uses of this winter body wash. So I am calling this one a half-win!
update- d.o.n.e! & I repurchased another one of these! it's a fave!
update- sigh, I have probably 50% left still of this night cream. I've been using coconut oil before bed so I feel like I just forget about this one. major fail!
update- I am ALMOST done with this conditioner. And too be honest, it's the hardest product to get out, so I may be completely done with it. So I'll call it a draw.
update- this has been part of my go to foundation routine lately, so I probably have 15% left to go. It's a win to me!
update- I've been using this as a concealer for the last 3 weeks and have about 5% left. It's another win...I guess :)

Overall, I didn't do terrible, but I've realized if I don't force myself to use most of these products, I just don't reach for them. I like challenging myself from time to time to get rid of some old products to make room for the new! So if you have any recs of new products, let me know if the comments, xo!
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