Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So I told you all that I would be making goals each month and posting them here to hold myself more accountable. Let's see how that worked out shall we? Here's last month's goals list:

  1. Bring back Plogging each Friday!-didn't happen. I typically forget to take pictures whenever I'm doing something I'd like to share, cause I am the world's worst.
  2. Start a new interview series-also didn't happen. But I am going to send over some questions to an author I worked with recently. So it's a half fail.
  3. Read 4 books (okay, not a blog goal, but it'll end up on the blog, so it works)-mission accomplished! I will be sharing these reviews ASAP!
  4. Film two videos for YouTube-yet another fail. I won't make any more excuses.
  5. Film one video for IG-I posted a boomarang, so I'm calling this a win.
  6. Start brainstorming for a Summer collab-I've been trying to come up with something, any ideas?
  7. A goal I add to each list...domain this bad boy-this scares me, so I'll just add it to June's list...& July's, August's, etc. 
 Here are June's goals, let's stay on my ass about these please :)

  1. Domain this bad boy
  2. Film 1 YouTube video
  3. Keep on schedule
  4. Network with other bloggers/IGers
  5. To go with the goal above, spend at least one hour total commenting on IG pics
  6. Non blog goal-figure out what I want to do for my Bday! 
Did you make a goal list for June? If so, share it with me in the comments. Can't wait to see how I do, xo!