Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Six by Summer update!

May 5th marked the official halfway point of Spring, so here I am, a few days late of course, with an update on how I'm doing in the Six by Summer challenge! 

update- I still have about the same amount less of this badboy. Well maybe just a touch less...aka fail.
update- go check out polishedandbubbly on IG to see how I did with this one!
update- about 50% done with this one, I think I'll definitely have this one done by Summer day one.
update- not sure why I put this one my list. I almost NEVER reach for it in the shower for two reasons: 1-the packaging sucks. it's so hard to get the conditioner out once it starts to get low & 2-I'm addicted to Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde conditioner.
update- ehhh, I'll say that I have about 75% left of this one. So I promise I'll try to reach for it more.
update- I have about 15% left of this guy. When I use it, I also use it as a concealer. I really do love this foundation and it's moose-y consistency. 
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