Monday, May 16, 2016

Must or Bust | Garnier Face


I'm a Simple really, Simple skincare products are my jam. But a while back I was at Rite Aid, the Garnier skincare line was buy one, get one 50%, so I went for it. I needed more micellar water (which is a dry skin girl's best me on this.) and the makeup wipes. I got sensitive skin ones cause my skin hasn't been to happy lately.

For the micellar cleansing water-the water separates easily from the product and it doesn't seem to remove my makeup. I started using it after I washed my face as an extra remover and even then I didn't see anything on the cotton round. I also didn't feel like there was any additional moisture in my skin after using and with the Simple water, I didn't even feel like I needed an additional moisturizer. I know there are people that swear my this brand of water, but I am not one of them. 

As for the face wipes, it takes me a looonnnggg time to be all in for a face wipe. And again the Simple ones are my favorite, but I wanted to give these a whirl. Well I absolutely hate these. I got the sensitive skin ones cause my skin has been all over the place lately, but I think these irritate my skin! My face is blotchy and red after I use them and I feel like 75% of my makeup is still on. Sooo I think you can guess, but are these a must or a bust...?

All and all, I'm glad I gave the Garnier face products a whirl, but they are a no-go for me. You won't see them in my cart anytime soon.

Any skincare products you've tried recently that you love or hate? Let me know in the comments down below, xo!