Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cinco De Mayo Sangria!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, here’s my sangria recipe! I’ve made it for numerous parties and always get asked for the recipe from almost any one who tries it, so my friends, I share it with you!

White Sangria
2 green apples
2 red apples
1 pear
3 oranges (leave peels on)
1 can of pineapple (in it’s own syrup)
1 pint of Triple Sec (or any orange liqueur)
1 mag of Barefoot Riesling (or any sweet Riesling) *
4 dole cups of mandarin oranges (in their own syrup or juice-extremely important!)
*If you prefer a drier white sangria, use a Sauvignon Blanc

Take dole cups and throw them in the freezer-you’ll be using these as ice cubes, you want them in their own juices so they don’t water down the sangria, instead they’ll add more juice. (You can also take a can of pineapple or mandarin oranges in their own juices and pour them into an ice cube tray and make cubes that way..) Wash fruit and cut into small cubes. Put all the fruit into a bowl and pour half of the pint of triple sec over the fruit and put into the fridge. (You can add more triple sec to the fruit if you’d like, just be sure it’s all covered.) Before serving, add half of the bowl to a pitcher, then pour in wine. Add the rest of the bowl of fruit and then stir. Add fruit ice cubes and serve.
I like to save some of the fruit incase I need to make more pitchers. The longer the fruit soaks, the better! If you are having trouble getting the dole cups out of their containers, run them under hot water or soak in a bowl of hot water until loose.

Here’s to sangria and tacos or nachos! Xo