Friday, May 27, 2016

a book in review!

Brief Summary: 
Valentino County Detective Gwendolyn Anderson tries to solve the biggest case of her Career. Serial Killer AKA The Doctor is on the loose, killing innocent women, leaving them dead with a smile painted on their face. Some trademark he has.

Detective Anderson is determined to do everything in her power to solve The Doc case before the FBI takes it under their wing. She has only six months to solve the murders of over twenty women from this serial killer, in the process of solving other cases that come through Hillside Police Department.

Can she take down the biggest serial killer in Valentino County without ruining her career in the process?

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Holy edge of your seat! I couldn't believe how engaged I became into this creepy mystery. I love mysteries and thrillers and Killer doesn't disappoint! I loved that it was a novella and a quick read and that episode 2 is already out so I can devour that next! I recommend this 4 star thriller to anyone who needs a good, quick mystery with tons of twists and turns, xo!