Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Social Scene with JZ featuring Kitchology

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Kitchology – Our Story
The Idea
The idea for Kitchology was born in a kitchen. When co-founder Iris made dinner for her family, like most parents she struggled to find meals that everyone liked. But Iris had another problem. One of her sons has a serious food allergy. Not only did she have to find meals that everyone liked, but she also needed meals that everyone could safely eat.
Iris soon found that she was not alone in her struggle. Her friend Alyson had a daughter with Celiac and a binder full of family recipes that she thought she couldn’t serve. But the lure of an old family pierogi recipe was enough to inspire Alyson to experiment with ingredient substitutions until both her daughter and her mother-in-law approved of the new recipe.
Iris wondered, what if there was a way to help people make their own substitutions in their own recipes? What if there was a way to modify nearly any recipe to make it safe to eat for almost anyone? And what if there simultaneously was a way to find recipes that matched a variety of tastes? A system that could do all of this would solve both of Iris’ problems and could help a lot of other people in similar situations. And so an idea was born.
The People
Having had a similar epiphany, co-founder Alain had the nexus of just such a system mapped out. As experienced entrepreneurs, Iris and Alain knew that implementing such a system required the right combination of skills and insight. Bringing together a passionate team with experience in everything from nutrition and food allergies, to app development and marketing – and of course cooking! – they’ve built more than just a great team. They’ve built a family.
The Platform
Kitchology’s integrated cooking platform utilizes machine learning and leverages a deep knowledge base to enable meal planning based on ingredients typically at hand. We provide targeted and personalized ingredient substitutions during recipe selection and help with purchasing through personalized shopping lists. We even take you step-by-step through the entire preparation and cooking process. Plus we provide ways for cooks to find each other just as Iris and Alyson did, because, after all, cooking is a social activity.
Kitchology helps you make the right decisions about the food you and your family eat. Decide better, eat better.
The Technology
Kitchology has built a patent-pending cooking platform for people dealing with food allergies and special diets.  At its core, Kitchology is 1) a profiling engine that analyzes consumer activities and 2) a substitution engine that makes product substitutions and recommendations when consumers plan meals and shopping. We put the cooks in the center of our design. If they decide better, they eat better (along with the people they cook for). This requires a lot of work including developing a database with over 480,000 substitution rules and 80,000 culinary rules. Profiling is performed using explicit inputs, inference analysis, and collaborative filtering. Together, this allow for advanced matching of ingredients pertaining to the user’s preferences, enabling planning, cooking and sharing. We have filed 6 patents applications on key elements. We are rolling out this functionality in phases to ensure we are doing it right. send an email to if you want to be included in early builds.

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