Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Life Lesson | Thoughts I have while in the sink at the salon

Phew, that was a mouthful. But I had tons of thoughts when I was getting washed out, having toner applied, conditioned, and shock treatment last week at the salon. If you know anything about being platinum, it's a lot of your appointment is spent at the sink. I actually think I spend most of the 3-4 hours in the sink, so naturally, your mind starts to wonder. Here's actual thoughts I had last week:

 "Ahh, okay, rinse time. Let's do this"
"Hmm, she set up the chair differently. Oh well." "That's a good tempature." "Why isn't she talking to me?" "Do I keep my eyes open? Closed?" *Okay, closed it is" "Now does she think I'm weird?" "Oh whatever, okay enjoy this part." "Eh, she keeps only washing behind the left ear...why is that?" "Crap, I need to charge my phone" "Move your hands around!" "Would it be weird if I asked her to apply more pressure?" "Yeah, I don't know here, that's weird. She'll probably think I'm a freak..." "Okay, what else can I get done today?" "I need to email Emma." "I need to take product pics." "I wonder if anyone will notice I cut my hair at work." "I really need to clean my room." "Maybe this weekend" "Eh, maybe not this weekend." "Okay, rinsing out the toner." "Hot! HOT! Shit, that water has to be burning her hands" "I have to say something" "No, just make a noise to show you're uncomforatble." "Shit, that didn't work." "Okay, say something that is unbarable" "Halfway done!" "I should be reading articles to get inspired for posts" *reads articles* "Oh wow, that went quick, now time for Olaplex" *back to reading and texting* "Alright all rinsed out, and now time to dry" "Hmm, maybe they forgot I'm over here" "I'll just shake my foot and they'll see it and know I'm over here" "Oh man, I'm hungry." "I wish I had more Starbucks" "My neck is really hurting from sitting like that" "I read that article about that lady that had a stroke from sitting in the sink at the salon" "Shoot, how long do you think it was after?" "I think I'm going to paint my nails red this weekend." *glances at clock* "Shit, I've been here for 3 hours?!" "Man, time flies" "I think I have to pee...wait it's time to hit the dryer." "Phew okay, don't fall asleep under the drier!" 

This post was inspired by Meghan's "Thoughts you have while in the shower" video

Let me know what you think while you're at the sink or in the shower, cause you aren't alone with your weird thoughts :) xo!