Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 (random) fun facts

Cause sometimes you need a filler post-hey, at least I'm honest :)

  1. I adore sleeping in. It's my favorite pasttime on the weekend. 
  2. I get extremely angry when someone texts/calls when I'm sleeping. 
  3. Cotton candy is my favorite treat of all time. 
  4. Whenever I'm asked what I want to eat, I always say the same thing..."something delicious" 
  5. I aim to read 52 books a year. 
  6. When I'm obsessed with a movie, I can watch it multiple times a day. 
  7. I take picking my iPhone wallpaper very seriously. It can take me days to find the right one. 
  8. I'm on a life mission to find every song off an old hip hop mixtape. Counts at 3!
  9. When the weather is warm, I could draw with sidewalk chalk all day. 
  10. I'm obsessed with crime shows and murder cases. 

Let me know something random about you in the comments! Until tomorrow, xo!