Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Product Review | Just Chill

If you're like me, then you're always looking for the next best drink. I love to look around different grocery stores and see what's out there. When I find a new fave drink, you'll always find my fridge stocked. And these Just Chill calming drinks have a new spot right next to the almond milk!

Just Chill comes in 4 delicious flavors

The mouthwatering flavors of mango, peach and orange combine to create our 
signature JUSTCHILL: Tropical flavor.   
Cocktail Idea-Just Chill Tropical and vodka for a perfect screwdriver.

Pomegranate and raspberry flavors come together in a crisp, full-bodied blend, making 
JUST CHILL: Rio Berry an exotic addition to the JUST CHILL family.
Cocktail Idea-Rio Berry with champagne to kick off your next celebration.

With a hint of fresh Cuban mint, JUST CHILL: Jamaican Citrus is our celebration of 
the famous Caribbean-born, Mojito. 
Cocktail Idea-Mix the Jamaican Citrus with some white rum and a sprig of mint.

Zero Ginger. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories. Zero Worries.
We've taken real ginger and created our first crisp and refreshing JUST CHILL Zero flavor. 

It's honestly hard to pick a favorite one, but I will say the ginger is the perfect ginger ale substitute for when you're feeling under the weather.

Want to know where to find Just Chill in your neck of the woods? 
Head over to and keep up with them on their socials!


ps. The cool people over at Just Chill sent me their product to try and share my thoughts with you!