Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

You probably thought that my mom who runs the show would be telling you all about the promises she makes to herself and then breaks days later today, right? Well nope, that's not the case! It's a guest post kinda day and I'm here to take over. Who am I you ask? I'm Zoey and Kayla is my mom! I'm 4 years old and a Pomeranian. Yup, I'm a dog!

So I know you're thinking how is a dog going to tell me about resolutions, well I know all about them. A few weeks ago, my mom weighed me and I weight the most I have ever. But I'm not fat or chunky, but my hair is really long and weighs a ton-mom this your reminder to make my hair appointment, k thanks! But anyways back to my resolution, I want (just like everyone else in the world) to work out more! I take tons of walks around the yard and to the mailbox and I chase after my cats, but I want to hit the rail trail more! Mom and I talked about it and look at us!

mom likes to put me in my dress harness when we go out. 

look at my mom's new hat!

hey! Grandpa! wait for me!

mom thought she was being artsy ;)

Tell me what changes you plan on making in the New Year and I'll be back soon! Peace, love, & puppy kisses-Zoey