Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pairing Wines with Turkey!

So I figured I would share some of the knowledge I obtained while managing a liquor store for 10 years with you today. I'm going to teach you what wine you should be bringing along with you to Thanksgiving dinner (cause if you're reading this, then you're like me and wait until the very last minute to do anything...aka you'll see me in the grocery store after work tomorrow! Procrastinators unite!)

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White Wines

Riesling- Light, fruity, and well-balanced with a fresh, clean finish. 
Serve chilled. 
My pick: Relax or Funf 5

Gewurztraminer- A golden color with a moderate intensity and consistancy of fruit and spice. A sweet fruit  wine with a bit of spice, with hints of orange and/or lemon and apple. 
Serve chilled. 
My pick: Fetzer 

Sauvignon Blanc- Pale white wine that is crsip and refreshing with citrus fruit flavors. 
Serve chilled. 
My pick: 90+ Cellars Lot 2 (if you can find it!) or Nobilo

Red Wines

Beaujolais Nouveau - A radiant ruby red color with fruit flavors of strawberries and jam-like fruits accompained by a perfumed nose. It is a well-balanced wine on the palate with a smooth finish. 
Serve room tempature. 
My pick: George Duboeuf 

Pinot Noir- A light to medium body ruby-red color with enticing aromas of ripe red fruits with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and subtle hints of spice. 
Serve room tempature. 
My pick: 3 Girls or Mark West