Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Must or Bust? | Taste Test

For most people the fall means pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. But not for this girl! (And just throwing it out there, I don't really like the new Adele song either...Ah, I know, am I even a real human?!) So it takes some digging to find things that I will enjoy in the grocery store. The last trip I made, I found these bad boys right when I walked in the door. I adore hot chocolate anytime of year, but especially this time of year. 

Smell: Chocolate...kinda like brownies.
Taste: Oh. EM. Geeeee! These are the Wow, I'm so impressed by how delish these are. They taste exactly like hot cocoa!! The next time I have one I'm definitely warming it up. Ahh...yummmmm! These are totally a...

ps. pick some up soon, they are limited edition! 

What's some of your fave fall treats? Let me know, xo!