Monday, September 28, 2015

Life Lessons | How Netflix binges ruin lives...

Okay, first of all I won't quit Netflix binges because I'm no quitter. But I have to say my binge watching is being to take a toll. I've binged 4 shows on Netflix and with each one I've gone thru the same symptoms. You know; dreaming about the show/characters, thinking non-stop about what they're doing at all times, wondering why they are killing you softly when they don't make the right choices, making you so nervous to google them or look on their social media in fear you'll see a spoiler...Jamie King aka Lemon Breeland, I'm looking at you.

The first Netflix binge I had was Revenge. Which is the perfect post breakup binge. I became in love with Emily Thorn and her warpath she was unleashing on the Hamptons. Of course I had my crushes, Jack and Daniel. And I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I found myself looking for a red Sharpie to keep my in my purse, so I could throw an 'X' on my enemy's faces. Once I was caught up, I couldn't wait to catch the show on it's regular Sunday night. All in all, this love affair ended okay and it wasn't a total addiction.

Next show was Gossip Girl. Now, I watched the pilot when it was on TV, but hated it cause hello-the books are all about my HG Blair and the show was all Serena. I knew who GG was cause I had to know when the run of the show was coming to an end, as an avid fan on the books. But last Thanksgiving Eve well everyone was enjoying going out on the town, I settled in to see what Manhattan's richest kids had to offer. And that was it for me, I was hooked. I'm talking stayed up until 3am to keep watching, hooked. Babytooth had already watched and kept telling me just wait you'll fall for the hated Chuck Bass. And fall I did. I could not wait to see what happened and was on Cloud 9 with the finale. All of my constant chatting about it got two of my friends at work to tune in. They became just as obsessed. I even have a mug that says "What Would Blair Waldorf Do?" Cause you should ask yourself that whenever you are going to make a tough decision.

Then, I took a break from Netflix. I needed space. GG was 6 seasons and I was tired from my love affair with Manhattan. And well, I didn't think anything would top it. But then came Scandal. Btooth demanded I watch as she was in the midst of her Scandal binge. So I took a bite of the Olivia Pope apple and well, yep...I was hooked. Olivia Pope is like the big sister I never had and I felt like I was reading her diary. Episode after episode I would hold on to the edge of my seat and wonder what was going to happen next in America and Olivia's love life. I'm team Fitz all the way. Babytooth had warned "Go slow cause you'll have to wait until September for the new episodes!" Did I listen? OF COURSE NOT! But it's not about listening to your brain that's saying stop, you need sleep. No it's about you need to know if Olivia sees Fitz again or if Jake is a bad guy or a good guy. Now here I am caught up and watching it on TV and I couldn't be happier.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Okay,'ve watched some pretty good shows and giving some reasons why Netflix binges are bad, but what has you all up in arms?" Well, I'm glad you asked. What has me full blown, head over heels obsessed isn't the Nation's Capital, or the Hamptons, or the Big, none of these. It's a small, southern town of Bluebell, Alabama. I am madly in love with the television show, Hart of Dixie. This isn't a small love affair either. This love affair is like that guy that everyone tells you to stay away from, the one you will lie for if it comes down to it and I have LIED to one of my besties about how many episodes I've watched in a day because we are watching together. And well I didn't want to tell her that 1 episode turned into 5 and now I'm a whole 10 episodes ahead of her. No, I didn't think that was okay to share. She trusted me to only watch 1. But NO. I couldn't stop. Being this far ahead has screwed me royally. I'm on Season 3 Episode 1 and will not watch anymore until she's caught up*. Okay, not fully caught up cause that's just crazy talk, but at least on episode 19 or so. I can't stop thinking about the characters, they are real to me and Bluebell is a real town. And Wade Kinsella is the absolute LOVE OF MY LIFE. He is the most perfect man, ever. But here is the real kicker friends, it gets worse than lying to your best friend or pining over a man that isn't actually real...because of this show, I am now following the Spotify playlist which features music from all 4 seasons and most of it is my least favorite genre of music ever...Country. I have developed a like (not a love, cause my love is for Wade and Wade alone.) for this style of music. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!? Just last week, Miki & I grabbed Starbucks at lunch and sat outside by a plant and at the same time we mentioned how this reminded us of sitting in Bluebell. But in reality it couldn't be further from the truth. But there is something about slowing down and enjoying one another's company, exactly what they do in Bluebell.

I tweeted about how we spent our lunch time and the cutest Twitter handle ever @bluebellishome quoted my tweet and told me how I could get involved in bringing the show back. Which has now become my life mission. Well that or marry a handsome bartender from the Rammer Jammer.

But the point of all of this is, Netflix binges are more than just watching TV. You are sucked into the lives of the characters and they start to take over. But I am okay with that. When you watch a show on TV, you get hooked, but you only watch 1 a week...but with a binge, you control how many that is and if you are like me, your motto becomes "can't stop, won't stop". Happy Watching, xo!

*Side note: I wrote this about a week an half before I posted it. I'm pleased to say that Miki is caught up and we are both on season 3. Which I was a good friend and didn't start before her, because I decided to rewatch most of season 2. I told you, I'm ADDICTED.