Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Splurge or Save? | Lengthening Mascara

splurge or save?

Today's battle is for one of my favorite products; mascara! I'm ALWAYS in the market for a mascara that will make my lashes look like they're a mile long. So I know what you're thinking, duh Benefit's They're Real problem solved. And yes, you are right. They're Real is an epic-lash inducing mascara. The brush makes it easy to get all of your lashes and coat them evenly. But at $24.99 it's not a realistic purchase every 2 to 3 months. 

So that's where the Wet & Wild Mega Length comes in. I stumbled upon this one at Harmon's one day and for $2.99 couldn't pass it by. Even if it was awful, it was under 5 dollars. So why not give it a whirl, right? Well I was pleasantly surprised by just how good of a job this mascara did! The brush is also a plastic bristle wand, but a little bit smaller bristles. It does a great job of darken your lashes and make them long. Like really long.

Well, this wasn't an easy battle by any means. Both of these mascaras do exactly what they say they will do, they make your lashes Kardashian long and the color lasts. Their cons are pretty much the same; hard to get all of the product off and not cry proof. Which brings me to my conclusion, this Splurge or Save is a...SPLAVE! That's right, it's a buy them both type of deal. If you can splurge, go for Benefit's They're Real-it even comes in different colors now. But if you can't swing the price, get the Wet & Wild Mega Length, I promise you won't be disappointed, xo!