Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How-to | Be the only single girl in your circle

So today, we're going to do a little bit of a different how-to. I'm going to tell you how I handle being the only single girl in my circle of close friends. Not all of my friends are married or engaged, but they are all very taken. Nothing makes me happier than my friends being happy, okay well maybe a new nail polish and the Rangers winning a Stanley Cup, but having my close knit friends being happy makes me happy. I learned a very long time ago that I don't need a man to make myself happy. (Okay, how many times will I say happy in this post...counts up to 4..) 

My friends still love to hang out with me and do tons of funs things away from their signification others. Now, I will say this, I'm VERY lucky. I get along extremely well with my besties' men. Like all of them. It probably has something to do with the fact I'm a very girly tomboy. I can talk sports with the best of them. So I find myself over their houses hanging out, drinking wine, eating dinner, etc -with both my bestie and their Boo. I know lots of single girls can't say the same, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I'm not here saying that I wouldn't like a boyfriend, cause duh, who doesn't want a boyfriend?! Like if you get a good one; he'll smell nice and take showers, he'll be funny, hopefully he'll be tall and can reach stuff you can't, & boyfriends kill bugs. 

So moral of my story and my tip to you, become friends with the boyfriends/fiances/husbands!  Don't shy away from your taken friends, embrace it. Cause if you become friends with the guy; 2 things can happen: 1-hopefully he can set you up with one of his buddies (ahem, still waiting for that..) and 2-once you have a plus one, you can introduce them. Then they'll form a Bromance and you & your girl can get away with more than one wine night a week ;) Also, you can become a cool tri-pod and do fun stuff together-like pick on the girlfriend/wife or force them to watch movies they've never seen before cause they were a loser. Ps. the dude will feel like a real stud when the 3 of you roll up for dinner and he has two ladies-one for each arm. Xo!