Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Must or Bust | Taste Test

It's no secret that cotton candy may be my fave food ever. I love everything about it and I always love to try cotton candy flavored things. So when the Eleventhgorgeous gals did the taste test on the new Limited Edition Cotton Candy Oreos, I knew I had to find them. The hunt began as they said they found theirs at Target and after some research everyone else found their's at Target too. So I became obsessed with finding these. Any time anyone around me mention Target, I asked "hey can you look for the CC Oreos? And if you find them, pick me up some, please!!" Well have no fear my friends, babytooth is clutch! She found these bad boys in a CT Target and as you can see below, she made sure everyone knew they were mine :D

Smell: Very sweet and just like the vanilla Oreos.
Taste: First they taste just like vanilla Oreos, but then right at the end bam, cotton candy! The finish of the cookie tastes exactly like cotton candy! And it's delicious. Some reviews say they're too sweet, but I don't think so at all, infact they're my new favorite cookie. So I better head to CT and stock up cause these babies are only here for a limited time! 

It should come as no surprise that these cookies are a totally...