Friday, July 10, 2015

Another five day with more than 5 photos...

So sue me people! Listen, I promised you all a fab #prebdayfunfor31 besties take NYC recap. And that's just what you'll get! Pre-vaca prep this weekend aka grocery shop for road trip snackies, hair appointment, and lots of laundry. See you Monday, xo!

face of the day

see below ;)

go escape NYC was way too much fun. we did it with 20 minutes to spare and are currently in 3rd place of all time!

midtown love


catdog :)

lunch with a view of boo? yes, please

my first mojito. it was coconut and delicious 

of course, I had to take a selfie

taco taco @ Lucy's

minion pop art

no bday celly is complete without a treat!

freedom tower

Pier A downtown is the spot

btooth & Rosé make me very happy

lady liberty in the distance

of course the day had to end with an usie.

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