Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tutorial | Negative Space Mani

If you followed Fashion Week last fall you would've seen a ton of negative space manicures for Spring 2015. Rachhloves featured the prettiest one in her Spring Staples and that's when I knew I had to recreate it.

What you'll need
Nail polish-you can use more than one color to create the blocking. I went with Essie's Brides No Grooms (fitting that I rocked this mani for MK's bachelorette party)
Top coat
Blue painters tape

Cut the tape in as many triangles as you'll need. I only did the blocking on 4 nails.

Add the triangles to the nails you want to have the negative space.

Add one coat of polish. Once that's dry go ahead and add the next coat. Once completely dry, don't be like me and rip it off before or you won't have nice edges, as seen below. 

After you've removed the tape, finish with top coat! Now you have a perfect, easy, and trendy manicure that will have head's turning. (Okay, you'll probably get a few "oh I love you nails", but head turning sounded better.) Xo!