Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Must or Bust | Essie Butler Please & Hard Candy Blue Lagoon

I have been on the hunt for the perfect NYR blue nail polish. It's not an electric blue or a cobalt blue, 
it's almost like they had a baby and viola here's this gorgeous blue!         

This hunt has been going on for years. I thought I had it in the bag when Essie came out with their 'Butler Please'. I bought this beautiful blue polish and painted my nails to go see my Mecca, Justin Timberlake, in concert. Well I barely made it thru 'Take Back The Night' and I had a chip. Now let me brag for a second, my nails don't chip (like 98.2% of the time). So I chalked it up to my wild dancing. Then 3 days later, my toes chipped. Which for me, that's unheard of. Like I'd have to stub my toe twice and have some run my foot over (fun fact: which has happen to me) for it to chip. But have no fear, I tried the polish again that Winter and bam-same thing! I have friends that have the polish and run into the same issue. The formula just isn't good and isn't a typical Essie polish.

So cut to this past May, my boys are facing elimination and I need to support them to the fulliest. Cue the search for the perfect blue polish. I happened to be out and about, and what do I see Hard Candy is back in the nail polish game! Flashbacks of getting the newest color and matching ring start flowing. I see that they have a pretty good NYR blue and pick it up. I paint my nails and toes with high hopes, I mean I need this polish to last and help my boys to a win. Well, one of those things Rangers went on to win the series. The polish? Not so much. What the heck is it with blue formula polishes and their lasting power? There's probably not much more that makes me mad than chipped polish. Until then the hunt will continue, so today, I have to call both of these polishes a...


I hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I have. And stay tuned, cause there will be more must or busts real soon. See you tomorrow, xo!

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