Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can't Miss Movies

I know I'm not alone with having a list of movies that even tho you've seen it 100 times, you'll still tune in. You know the ones I'm talking about...no? Okay, let me set the stage. It's a Saturday night and you're staying in, you're caught up on your shows and the series you've been binging on Netflix. You start scrolling thru channels to see what's on and there it is, one of your movies. It doesn't matter that it started at 7 and now it's 8:35, you're catching the end. Now that you know the type of movies I'm talking about, here's my list of the ones I will watch 100 more times. In no particular order;

Mean Girls
Pitch Perfect
Sex and the City
Endless Love
Despicable Me
The Baby Sitters Club
One Fine Day
These are some of my most favorite movies of all time. What makes your can't miss movies list?