Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beautycounter Review

My friend Malinda reached out to me to try a new product line that she is absolutely obsessed with. Before I give you my review on the products I tried, I wanted to share Malinda's email to me about what Beautycounter is and what it means to our future.

Like you, I am a product junkie.  I have cabinets full of makeup, skincare, lotions... you name it.  I thought I was using the best of the best.  But, I did not know what I did not know.  The personal care industry is self-regulated.  What this means is there is no government inference or jurisdiction protecting us (the consumer).  There are thousands of companies that use words like "pure", "organic", "safe", "all natural" - there is no legal recourse for misleading the consumer.  It is called "green-washing" and simply googling the term will yield hundreds of results on this information.  

Beautycounter's mission is to get high performing products, that are SAFE and fully transparent in to everyone's hand.  Why is this all so important?  
One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Of the tens of thousands of chemicals in personal care products, 80% have never been tested for human safety. Today, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; in 1975 it was 1 in 20.   Only 11 chemicals are banned for personal use in the U.S, the European Union bans 1300 from consumer use.  Beautycounter voluntarily bans 1500 known harmful chemicals from all formulations.  

https://youtu.be/6zc_WOCWXD4 - Everyone Counts - An Intro to Beautycounter
http://www.beautycounter.com/our-story - CEO Gregg Renfrew vision

Beautycounter works closely with Environmental Working Group, the Breast Cancer Fund and Healthy Child, Healthy World. Our executive team is comprised of the industries best: Gregg Renfrew CEO, Mia Davis (Head of Health and Safety) and Christy Coleman (celebrity make up artist and Chief and Creative Design) - https://instagram.com/christy_coleman/.  All with a shared vision to be transparent and off products that are safer than the industry's low standards. 

Here is my personal site: malinda.beautycounter.com

If our company mission and products speak to you or your followers there are 4 ways you can get involved.  
  • The first way, is that you can purchase products.  Any product you purchase from Beautycounter is a sale you are taking away from big business. 
  • The second way you can get involved is to become a Beautycounter Member.  For a donation of $10.00 you can receive free shipping on any orders over $100.00.  Your $10.00 will be instantly donated to one of our 3 non-profits (you get to choose, see above). https://malinda.beautycounter.com/member-program.  As a member, you receive discounts, product credits and complimentary shipping.  
  • The 3rd way to get involved is to host a social event - big or small, the rewards are awesome (50% off products) and you help us share the mission!  Invite your besties and I will do the rest.   
  • And finally, you can become a consultant yourself, either to just purchase products at a 35% discount, or build a business.  Our compensation plan is the most generous in the business.  As your mentor, we will work together to share the mission and create a stream of income.  I have attached our compensation plan here: http://bit.ly/BCOpportunity


Products returned within 60 days from the ship date of your order are eligible for a full refund. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable, but you will receive a $5 credit for shipping and handling charges if your entire order is returned. It is your responsibility to pay for the shipping of unwanted items back to us. Refunds are only available within the first 60 days of receiving your product(s). 

Malinda was more than sweet to give me 8 amazing products to try for a week to share my honest review with all of you. (note*I didn't not get to keep the items I've reviewed and these are my honest opinons) 

When I decided to try these products, I wanted to use them together as a whole line. I felt like I could get the most out of each of them this way. I started Day 1 with the exfoliator and then cleanser. I finished by using the eye cream and AM hydrating cream. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of these products. It's an extremely clean citrus smell to me. Almost like grapefruit and clean. The smell isn't like any other face product I've used. It wasn't overwhelming, it was just right. For my night routine, I used the same products with the PM hydrating cream and the Lustro Oil 3.

Once I used the Lustro Face Oil 3, I knew I found what would be my absolute favorite product from Beautycounter. The Lustro Face Oil 3 is Ylang Ylang & Wild Chamomile, which may sound a little different, but it's actually smells so good and it's not over baring for before bed! I was shocked how my skin just absorbed it right up. I suffer from extreme dry skin and this goes for my face too. So I was more than happy to wake up with a smooth face. I still had some dryness, but it wasn't as bad. I tried the Lustro Body Oil on my very dry legs and it was pretty good. I tend to stay away from oils in general. I don't really care for them on my body. I actually wish I got to try this during the Winter to prepare my skin for the Summer. Last, but certainly not least is the Rose Water spray. I was a little unsure when to use this, so I used it mid day on a warm day I didn't have much makeup on. I just wanted to refresh my skin a bit and it definitely did that. I don't particularly care for Rose scented things, but the smell of this wasn't too bad! 

Overall, Beautycounter is a great line of products that are good for you and the environment. I don't know about you, but those facts that Malinda shared are pretty darn scary. To me, next to being good for me, price is pretty important. Beautycounter may be on the pricer side for some products, but if you think about it and look at your beauty budget, these products will last you and in the long run you'll end up spending the same amount. I know that I will definitely be buying the Lustro Face Oil 3 in the near future, xo!

For more information or if you have any questions on any of the products I've reviewed, please feel free to contact Malinda at malinda.treglia@gmail.com

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