Friday, May 22, 2015


Well hello there! I've had a pretty long week and couldn't be more ready for a 3 day weekend. More NYR this weekend, campfire at my Grandpa's, and lots of blogging to do. I've planned a really fun beauty series for June to kick off a new type of post. My notebook where I do most of my planning and checklists has been looking jammed pack and I love that. PS. Every Monday thru June is booked with a book review, so be on the lookout for some beach read recommendations! Until Monday, xo!

my neighbor's flowers are the prettiest.

you know my Grandpa is home when it's diner breakfast for dinner & milkshakes

the snap caption says it all.

*ps. I know there are only 3 posts, I swear I can count. It's all I had, work with me people, it was a stressful week.

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