Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Last Wednesday on my lunch break, I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time. I've wanted to try threading for a while, but I was wondering what it actually felt like. One of my besties, Jen always gets her's threaded, but she's a mom of two, so I don't exactly trust her pain tolerance. She swore it "doesn't hurt" Another one of my friends, Dani, also is a mother and she said that it just feels "weird and annoying". So I decided to just bite the bullet and get mine done.

The whole process is less than 3 minutes, it's crazy. With two of my best work gals in tow, we headed off to the mall and to the Threading Place (that's legit the name, very basic, I like it.) We went in and took a seat. Within 2 minutes, I was in the chair getting my brows brushed and trimmed. And then she got started. My friend Dana came next to the chair to hold my hand for morale support, but if you've ever had your brows threaded you know that there will be no squeezing of your friends hand. Dana joked to the lady that I was going to squeeze her hand hard and she said "Oh first time?" And just like that, she got to work.

Now my head was tilted back so I can't tell you exactly what she did, but I can tell you how it felt. The first couple of pulls hurt bad. I've never waxed so I didn't know what to expect cause people compare the pulls to the pull of a waxing strip. After the initial pulls, I was used to it and it felt just like Dani said "weird and annoying". It kinda feels like they are pulling your whole eyebrow off. I think the worst part is holding your eyebrow tight for them. I was pushing my finger into my eyeball and it took me a second to get my vision back. Before I knew it the threading lady was telling me "Okay, you're done" and handing me a mirror. What I saw was perfectly shaped brows that were clean underneath. (Side bar: my eyebrows have a good shape to them, but I had been growing them in.) She applied a little aloe to them to cool them down, I didn't red up that bad either.

I'm excited to see how long they stay on fleek as the kids say. I think I may have been converted to threading.