Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still weeding thru the duds...

No clever into this week, let's just get right to it...enjoy!

Hey kmarie,
Your profile isn't very extensive, but I like what I'm reading so far. You have a great look about you - very fun-loving, but still refined and nuturing :)
So I actually just moved here; have you lived in the HV throughout that solid coaching career? What local hiking would you recommend besides the AT? I'm excited to check out the views along the TSP once the trees get blooming, have you ever been up to ______? 
So what kind of music/concerts do you like? My favorites include indie rock and blues, but trap can be pretty hot when dancing... but yeah if you're interested, definitely message me back so I can learn more about you and what you like. 
Stay warm, Zander

Hi Zander,

Welcome to the area. Yes, I've lived here my whole life. I didn't even recommend the AT. I don't even really like hiking all that much. I don't do it enough to call it a hobby, but way to take the ONLY thing we have in common and run with it. Shows real heart, Zan. This nuturing gal-wait, what exactly makes me "nuturing" cause I have pets? Let me let you in on a secret, I love my animals, but TOTALLY favor my dog over the cats. Which I don't think makes me a great nuturer (side bar; I love my cats and they know it, but the dog can do no wrong in my eyes, ever. It's always the cats fault. Sorry Rbi & Wally...) I like rap, hip hop, and pop. Concerts include Justin Timberlake and *nsync-if they ever decide to get out there again and make me the happiest lady in the world. What the shit is "trap" and what do you know about "hot dancing"? You look like the biggest dorky dork in your profile picture. What I like isn't you, Sir, sorry. 

Hey. Beautiful photos. Would a seemingly intelligent and beautiful woman like yourself want to get to know a guy like me?

Alright guy, what does that bs even mean?? First, "a guy like me?" don't act like a needy girl who tells herself "I'm not good enough for him" Second, I don't think you used the word "seemingly" correct. Wait hold on, I'll google. Nope, you didn't. By using the word seemingly there you have implied that I'm "apparently" intelligent and beautiful. So you offended me and didn't even realize. So in short, no I do not want to get to know a dumb dbag like yourself. Peace out, cub scout. 

Forever I'll be alone. Sigh.