Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Review

Say Yes to Blueberries Face Wipes

*warning, this may be the weirdest review you'll ever read...


  1. It gets all* of my makeup off. *anyone else always have a little bit of their waterline eyeliner that just never comes off?
  2. They make my face feel smooth after use.
  3. The packaging keeps them moist. I hate when you get makeup wipes and they start to dry out after a while.


  1. When removing my eye makeup, they sting my eyes a little. I like to use one side of the wipe for my eye makeup and eyebrows and the other side for the rest of my face.
  2. These makeup wipes smell weird. Not like blueberries, more like chemicals. But it kinda grows on you after a while...kinda.
So what is it I am trying to say...Do I like them? Yes and no, they've grown on me. Would I buy them again? Yes, but I want to try the grapefruit ones to see if I like the smell better. Would I recommend them to you? Yes, but only if you don't have sensitive skin. I've picked up the cucumber ones and I like them much better. They still kinda hurt my eyes when I really rub them hard. But other than that, I like the cucumbers ones wayyyy better than the blueberry. They smell good too! I got mine at Ulta