Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a book in review & giveaway!

Brief Summary:

The doctor will see you both now...

Brook Ogden has never encountered a broken heart she couldn't patch together. Her counseling practice as the Breakup Doctor—on call to help you shape up after a breakup—is so busy she’s expanded to offer group sessions. (Turns out there are far more than fifty ways to leave your lover.) Her radio show and advice column have made her a local celebrity, and even her personal life, after some gruesome breakups of her own, is in recovery: Ben Garrett started out as a revenge date against an ex, but has turned into so much more. 
But when sizzling-hot Chip Santana, an old client she once shared a rather unprofessional midnight roll in the sand with, comes back into her life asking for her help, Brook can’t say no. Yet while she’s busy stitching up his relationship troubles, Chip reveals much more than a therapeutic interest in her.
In the standoff between her heart and her hormones, Brook’s cool, collected Wise Therapist persona begins to crack like thrown wedding china. She’s yelling at recalcitrant cheating husbands. Offering crazy advice to radio callers. She’s even hugging her clients. 
When the situation goes critical, Brook’s forced into a decision she isn’t ready to make—and the Breakup Doctor has to decide what kind of casualties she’s willing to accept. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Brook is such a fun leading lady. Her likability is obvious from the start. The amount of advice and wisdom in the love/breakup department is crazy. This story is everything great chick lit should be, lighthearted, hard to put down, and you'll think of the main character as a friend of your own! I highly recommend this 4.5 star book that takes you away to Brook's journey for love and finding your own way, xo!

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Author Bio
The official bio:  Phoebe Fox spent far longer than average looking for love, finally finding it just before her odds dropped below those of being attacked by killer bees. Her long and colorful dating life--and years of comparing stories from the trenches with single girlfriends--inspired her Breakup Doctor book series, from Henery Press, as well as her regular guest column in the Huffington Post. Though now happily married in Austin, Texas, with two embarrassingly adored dogs, she remains a close observer of relationships in the wild.

The bio I’d tell you over coffee and doughnuts: My earliest memories are words: sounding them out with the characters on The Electric Company and Sesame Street; trying to decipher signs as my mom drove me and my brother and sister around town; using (and misusing) new words I’d seen in magazines or advertisements or on TV. The first failure I remember is blowing the third-grade spelling bee when I got to the finals (“analyze”—I spelled it with an i instead of a y). Words and language have fascinated me as long as I can remember—and even more so, the worlds that can be created with them. Nearly every childhood picture of me shows me with my nose in a book. Stories were my sanctuary, my fantasy life, my dreams, and my escape from childhood sorrows. As I got older, I realized that what I loved most was reading about people, and how they think, what they do, and why. Shoot-’em-ups didn’t grab me, and neither did mysteries or thrillers or horror. I wanted to examine people’s actions, and the psychology behind why we do what we do, and when I started writing (another earliest memory—as soon as I knew how, I had a pen in my hand), those were the kinds of tales I wanted to create.