Friday, March 13, 2015

Fiveday Friday

Hello there, kittycats! Pretty eventful first have of my week. I dusted off my cheer coaching hat and am back at it. The second I stepped foot into the gym, I knew it's where I belong. I'm coming in at the end of the season, but in enough time to help get the squad ready for Nationals in April. I already feel like this team can do great things. Other than that, I still have a sinus infection and a crazy hockey obsession. Until Monday, xo!

Dr prescribed a new Essie-blossom dandy 

first place in the Metropolitan division & the East. #NYR

babygirl when she was 2 months old. 

3 tuck tosses...! (excuse my counting.)

oh, nbd, RachhLoves just tweeted me. #majorfangirling