Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cause once wasn't enough...

Ah, yet again here we are, another round of emails that will go unanswered. What makes today's two guys so special is that they are repeat offenders.

First up, we have 2 from a gentleman who's pictures all look kinda different aka they aren't recent or he's a catfisher.

March 11th: "Hi"
March 12th: "I think your really pretty. You should write me back."

Hi there. You really gave me nothing to respond to. But since I need to fill the space up, I will share some fun facts.
Essie currently sells 311 nail polishes (or at least when these facts were printed.)
Painting your nails is prohibited on airplanes.
Neon nail polish is technically illegal.
In 1934, a bottle of Cutex nail polish was 35 cents. (Sheesh, my collection would be over 1,000 by now...)
So basically, you got nothing out of this response. Which is exactly what I got out of your email. Oh wait, sorry, thanks for saying I'm pretty. Okay, now we're even.

Next up, is 2 emails from a guy who has a strange ass handle. No really, it includes "flogging". Anywho, here's what the flogger had to say.

February 27th: Hey, 
how are you doing today? Our Rangers have been on fire lately! I think they should rest Lundqvist until the just before the playoffs. What you do if you were the coach? A dog and 2 cats must hectic around dinner time....

March 3rd: Hey,
So, no response.......I can only guess you've been searching hundreds of travel sistes. You should try kayak. com
:) Brendan

Oh brother.

Hey Brendan,
First, I'm doing great, thanks for asking. Second, yes, my Rangers have been doing fantastic. I think that Hank will need some games under his belt before a playoff run. But, that's not my answer to your coaching question. If I was the coach of the New York Rangers, I would do the same thing everyday...Rick Nash. No really, I would. But that's probably not the answer you were looking for, so honestly I would run the power play units until they learned to score again and then work on face offs. I'm not 100% sure what you meant about travel sites? I go to the same place every year on vacation, I could write a travel blog on the place. If I did have to use a travel site, I prefer Expedia. Oh wait, were you supposed to be offending me cause I didn't respond to your clever email that you clearly didn't proof read? Sick burn.

My dating life is looking bleak people.