Tuesday, March 31, 2015

140 Characters Not Needed..

Today is all about the short and sweet, but stupid emails. All of the emails below are from different fellas.

Email #1:
Hey...how are you? ?...myself Jay

You, Jay. Me, Kayla.

Email #2:
Well good morning

Why? Why would you send that?
He didn't stop there...

You have some very gorgeous eyes 

So because I didn't respond to your "good morning" 3 days ago, you went for the compliment. Well played sir.

Email #3:
You sparked my interest.

And you put my fire out instantly. (You can also file his one liner in with the men who can't read category. He's 42.) Ps. he also sent this twice.

Email #4:
After not responding twice, the next guy went back to basics.

Hi How are you?

To be honest, I feel like death and am overtired. But moving past that. Did you send this last email because you realize you came on a little weird. Remember your last email? No, okay I'll refresh your memory. "I think your really pretty. You should write me back." Sigh, lots of luck to ya.

Another week still single. Which if this is what's out there, I'm good.