Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cause one unanswered email wasn't enough...

Guess who's back? Back again? Rudy's back, tell your friends. Yep, that's right, Rudy is back. Rudy as in the 58, now 59 year old who is looking for someone with no baggage to take to Florida. (Which sounds shady enough, I'd at least need a carryon.) If you don't remember Rudy's first unanswered email and my faux response, head this way to get caught up. Now that you get a gist of Rudy and what he is looking for, here's what he had to say this time around.

February 13th;
"I was about to catch up on some sleep Been slowly turned off by this site until i saw you profile and knew I had to write first. You are obviously attractive, young and live nearby (at least an area where I once worked) 90% of the women on this site are divorced with kids often at home So one of your best assets is NO BAGGAGE . I am a civil engr working in NYC as a Const Mgr but live in a condo in Westchester Also have a condo in Florida but dont seem to get there enough to enjoy it I am a widower trying to establish a relationship with someone like you to share and enjoy all that life has to offer. Keep fit by working out at a local club. Ran NYC marathon 3 times albeit a few years ago. Once owned a thoroughbred and now enjoy Saratoga in summer and Gulfstream in winter. I love to cruise and enjoy those beaches, dancing, dinners, shows and even the casino. Point is I know when and how to have fun and that is where I wish you could fit in. I would love to show you off and spoil you a bit too. I work as therapy to keep from doing nothing and I like my work and I am good at it But I would love to spend some energy doing things we both could enjoy For instance i would love to meet and if we click take you to Florida and maybe even a cruise from there What I would like to suggest is meeting and getting to know eachother with no commitment on your part and see where it goes. How about it Rudy"

Now what you are about to read, I may actually send. 

"Hi Rudy,
I'm going to start off by saying, you don't know me. If you did, you would know that I have a lot of emotional baggage that I carry with me everyday. Helpful tip, most women do. So pointing that out as one of my "good qualities" is bullshit. Again, you don't know me. With that being said, I won't hold it against you. What I WILL hold against you however is two things. 1-you are looking for someone that I am not. I am NOT a "sugar baby". I've reread my profile and there is nothing on there that even remotely suggests I'm into that lifestyle. Which brings me to point #2-you apparently can't read. For starters, I am looking for someone who is at least 24 years younger than you. I'm sure you are great, Rudy. My dad is also 58, single, and great. Now on to some other things I'd like to address. I have absolutely no interest in taking a cruise with you. The last thing I need is for you to dump by body off the side of the boat in no man's land. You said yourself, you're a widower. I really don't care that you ran the marathon sometime before I was even born or owned a horse. If we are going to talk about things that turn us off, you turn me off Rudy. I'm not trying to sound rude, but you even thinking it's okay to email me saying that you "would love to show me off and spoil me a bit" is something that makes me drier than the Sahara. Do your kids know you are running around online looking for a stepmom for them that is probably their age? I hope you find someone that in a few short years will be able to share your AARP discount with you. If I can leave you with two last things, 1-look for someone your own age. And 2-up the prescription for your bifocals."

Guess I'll continue to stick to my morals and not use older men for money and cruises. Even tho I have had my eye on a Celine bag...until next time, xo!