Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taste Test

I love watching Tracy & Steph try new foods in their videos. I decided when I opened this box of limited edition Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch that I would do a test taste post for it.

It smells just like the Vanilla Toast Crunch-VTC-which I was a big fan of. I tried the cereal dry and it tastes just like the VTC. Which okay, yes I like that one a lot, but come on. Don't tell me this is going to be a yummy sugar cookie in cereal form and just give me a kind you had out before. With milk, it was the same thing. I will say it's a little bit more sugary than the VTC, but basically it's the same thing. So would I buy it again, probably not. I get tired of cereals really quickly. I don't let myself buy good one, sugary ones like this often-normally it's Special K or Chocolate Cheerios for me.

Now I will say this, the Dunkin Donuts Sugar Cookie Latte is ah-maz-ing. Omgosh, one of the best drinks I've had in a while. It's my new fave thing from Dunkin. (I mean the salted caramel hot chocolate is still my #1 fave thing from Dunkin ever...) But this seasonal latte makes my Christmas dreams come true!