Friday, December 5, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Phew, the week after a holiday is always hard, but throw a cold into the mix and it's even harder. I'm finally feeling better after a couple fevers and a few boxes of tissues later. Relaxing weekend ahead with a Rangers game, brunch/crafts with the girls, & a show with my dad. Til Monday, xo!

spreading a little Christmas cheer to a sweet girl, Addie. read her story here to find out why you should also send some love her way.

Mik's 90s dance party for her birthday was so dope.

a little afternoon treat.

my two fave things together, champagne & cotton candy, yes please!

found this on the berry. replace pizza with cotton candy, art with hockey, and video games with board games and you've got yourself the most perfect list of nice things.