Monday, December 22, 2014

Gossip Girl Style; Vanessa Edition

Today is all about that other Brooklyn babe, Vanessa. Her style is pretty much to throw anything and everything together. She always pulls it off however. I appreciate her put it all out there style.

I could see her rocking this look on her way to meet Nate for coffee. The tribal print shorts with that sweater with the cool zipper detail are so Vanessa.

How fetch (yeah, I'm trying to make that happen.) fringed booties?! I think this is my fave look for Vanessa. It's dark, edgy, but still super laid back. I could see her in this trying to figure out what the Upper East Siders are up to..

From the funky comic strip skirt (with suspenders!), to the lace top, to the bright yellow Louboutins (don't let her fool you, she made good money at that coffee shop.) this screams Summer Vanessa. Out of all of the dolls on Gossip Girl, her style was the most colorful and different. You never knew what you'd see her in!