Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wishful Wednesday!

I was inspired by the offices at WeWork, very cool and unique company, to create my dream workspace. So, today's Wishful Wednesday is all about that. WeWork is a co-working company that aims to inspire creative people to do what they love. If you're interested in learning more about WeWork checkout some of their locations to see if they are in an area near you!

My ideal workspace would be an office in my house. I'd have a desk, fun chair, pictures everywhere, an oversized chair to read and curl up and work. It'd be a room full of things I love. Take a look and let me know what you think of my dream office, xo! 

A bunch of different pictures of fun things would be on the wall behind my desk.

I love this desk. I think it's so different and fun. The desk chair was actually the first thing I picked out when putting this dream room together. I'd put the rug in the middle of the room (this ideal space has hard wood floors.) 

Some of the fun things you'd find around my office. That chandelier is the perfect mix of fun, glam, and a little over the top-kind of like me! I'm so obsessed with the polaroid magnets. I love notepads, so I'd need a few handy to write down new ideas or just doodle. How fun is that elephant candle? 

I'd have another wall full of Eiffel Tower artwork. I want each everyone of these pictures.

How comfy does this oversized chair look? I could see myself cuddled up in it with a warm throw reading a book or working on a blog post...or napping. I love that Eiffel lamp that the tower is the actual lamp.