Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Red Carpet Style

The AMAs would be a super fun event to attend. I love music so this night would be great. You get to see so many artists perform, it's like a bunch of mini concerts. Check out what I'd strut down the carpet.

I love this whole look! From the black diamonds, to the small train of the Fausto Puglisi dress, to the fab Givenchy clutch. It's very pop-rock glam. 

The glam to this look is simple, yet trendy. Black nails, black winged liner, dark pink matte lip, and the coolest braided top knot complete the look. I think I'd be on the best dressed list for sure, let me know what you think, xo!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Caramel Apple Martini Recipe!

Did I get your attention with that title?! This has been my go-to drink for girls' night lately. Super simple to whip up and they are de-lish. Just be careful, cause they taste like juice and 1 drink becomes 4 very quickly...not that I'm speaking from experience.

Caramel Apple Martini

Servings: 4 Martinis

4 ounces of Smirnoff's Kissed Caramel Vodka
4 cups of Apple Cider
Handful of Ice
Smucker's Salted Caramel Topping for garnish and bottom on the glass- optional

Mix vodka, apple cider, and ice in a martini shaker (or a measuring cup works too in a pinch.) Stir or shake. Garnish the rim with caramel sauce and a few drops in the bottom to add extra sweetness. Pour and enjoy, xo!

Monday, November 24, 2014

a book in review!

Brief Summary;

Magic realism mixes with romantic comedy in this new novel from Sarah Belle about the dangers of internet shopping – and using magic to solve real world problems.
Lou’s life is perfect. She loves her job, her renovated house, and most of all, her gorgeous fiancĂ©, Aidan. But when her old flame and Aidan’s school yard nemesis turn out to be the same person, Hunter Wincott, Lou’s life is blown apart. She must divulge her secret past, or have Hunter give it away. Either way, she runs the real risk of losing Aidan.
In desperation, she turns to Google. A quick search turns up Majique, the Internet Witch, and a spell that will delete herself from Hunter’s memory. But something goes wrong in the casting process, and Lou deletes much more than just a memory. She deletes herself from her life completely.
Luckily, there’s a one-week window for Lou to get back to the life she loved. One week to win back Aidan, before he walks down the aisle with the wrong woman, and damns everyone to a lifetime of misery. It would be easy, if only Aidan had any idea who Lou actually is. 
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. There's more to this book than what meets the eye! This story takes you on quite the trip-you'll be laughing one minute, and you'll feel you're heart strings being pulled the next. This book didn't end as I expected which was really refreshing! I loved the main character, Lou, she is so fun and you'll be rooting for her from the beginning. This 4 star book is such a fun read that you'll have a hard time putting it down, xo!

About Sarah:

Sarah Belle started her professional life in the hospitality industry, working in some of the roughest hotels in Melbourne in the late Eighties, surrounded by drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and undercover police. Tiring of the inherent dangers of her working environment, Sarah completed a business degree and went on to work in the recruitment industry and the Department of Defence, where she met and married the man of her dreams: a dashing, Army Blackhawk pilot. 
They have four young sons and live on the beautiful Queensland coast, where Sarah's days are spent being a frazzled mum, writer, Bikram Yoga devotee and the only woman in a house of five males. 
Sarah is a proud member of the Romance Writers of Australia and the Australian Romance Readers Association. She is also an RWA volunteer and writes the Author Spotlight for the RWA Blog.

Find Sarah:
Twitter: @SarahBelle44

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Look of the Week

Techincally this look is from last week, but whatevs, I still loveee it. 

Demi Lovato in Ashi for the The Royal Variety Show. She looks like a stunning Princess in this look. It's the perfect balance of edgy, chic, and glam. 

*image from CocoPerez

High Five for Friday!

This week has taken FOR-EVER. Phew, Happy Friday has a whole new meaning today! So thankful that it's the end of the week and next week's a short one, yay! Not much on deck this weekend which is just how I like it, xo!

Linking Up with Lauren!

1. ah, first sugar cookie of the season.

2. had a perfect night with my aunt & btooth. 

3. this guy has been on fire which makes me so happy!

4. little Kayla.

5. for real tho.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

4pm pick me up!

A few of my friends love this song and it's rubbed off on me. It's such a fun, dance around your room song. Turn it up, xo!

Link Love!

Glamour Magazine Edition. Not on purpose.

  • Really good to know cause I have more than a few lying around. (
  • Need a gift idea for the nail polish obsessed, hint hint. (
  • Best dressed at the Mockingjay premier. (
  • Perfect snacks for your next road trip. (

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wishful Wednesday!

I was inspired by the offices at WeWork, very cool and unique company, to create my dream workspace. So, today's Wishful Wednesday is all about that. WeWork is a co-working company that aims to inspire creative people to do what they love. If you're interested in learning more about WeWork checkout some of their locations to see if they are in an area near you!

My ideal workspace would be an office in my house. I'd have a desk, fun chair, pictures everywhere, an oversized chair to read and curl up and work. It'd be a room full of things I love. Take a look and let me know what you think of my dream office, xo! 

A bunch of different pictures of fun things would be on the wall behind my desk.

I love this desk. I think it's so different and fun. The desk chair was actually the first thing I picked out when putting this dream room together. I'd put the rug in the middle of the room (this ideal space has hard wood floors.) 

Some of the fun things you'd find around my office. That chandelier is the perfect mix of fun, glam, and a little over the top-kind of like me! I'm so obsessed with the polaroid magnets. I love notepads, so I'd need a few handy to write down new ideas or just doodle. How fun is that elephant candle? 

I'd have another wall full of Eiffel Tower artwork. I want each everyone of these pictures.

How comfy does this oversized chair look? I could see myself cuddled up in it with a warm throw reading a book or working on a blog post...or napping. I love that Eiffel lamp that the tower is the actual lamp. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This TAG is going around YouTube and let's face it, I love a good TAG video. Here's my answers to the questions!

  • What do you watch or read during me-time? Watch- I love a good marathon of a fave TV show. Read- Whatever is on my list for my next review.
  • What do you wear during me-time? Sweatpants, duh! 
  • What are your me-time beauty products? I love the Boscia face masks. Or a Biore pore strip.
  • Current favourite nail polish? Tough question! For this time of year, I love OPI 'My Private Jet' or Essie 'After School Boy Blazer'. 
  • What do you eat/drink during me-time? Dunkin's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  • Current favourite candle? B&BW Leaves
  • Do you ever have outdoor me-time? Not often enough. I would like a bigger backyard, so I could just sit out in the sun and relax.
  • Would you ever go see a movie alone? I haven't, but I think I would. 
  • Favourite online shop? I don't shop online nearly enough, but I love me some Sephora. My current shopping cart is well over $500 dollars...*hint hint, if any of you'd like to buy me a gift :)
  • Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? I love to nap or listen to music. Or blog. Or play with Zoey.  

If you do the TAG, leave a link below so I can see your answers, xo!

Monday, November 17, 2014

a book in review!

Brief Summary:

How can one person attract so much disaster? 

Quirky, clumsy, and eager-to-please Karly has more than her fair share of bad luck. 

Waaaay more. 

We first meet our 29-year-old accountant in her loud (the fire alarm is going off) and smoky (she’s trying to bake) kitchen. During the chaos, Karly is dumped because of misunderstandings over a divorce lawyer she didn't hire and an affair she didn't have. This comes just weeks after performing a very efficient audit on a company…that wasn't actually a client. 


Single and unemployed, Karly continues tripping through life, both metaphorically and physically. She thinks her luck may be turning when she meets the perfect man but in true-to-Karly form, manages to scare him off. And he isn’t just “not returning her phone calls” scared but more “sprinting away across the parking lot screaming like a banshee” scared. 


Just as she thinks it can't get any worse, it inevitably does. Is Karly destined to lead a life of loneliness and poverty or does fate have something else in mind?

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Karly is an extremely likeable lead character. She's quirky which leads to tons of laugh out loud moments. There are so many times when you think "this is my life!" This book is the perfect funny read that will bring you out of a funk! All of us have "tripped through" life at one point or another, this 4 star read is just another reminder everyone else does too, xo!

Author Bio: 
Michelle Morgan was born in Vancouver, Canada. She has years of experience falling down for no reason and may have left a wrap-around skirt or two caught in a date's car door. She currently lives in the Caribbean with her husband, Peter, and their three children, Kiara, Leilani and Kai. Oh - and a three year old goldfish named Angel, who her kids haven't noticed looks different every time they come back from visiting Nana and Grandpa in the summer.
Michelle is passionate about theatre - watching, writing for, and acting in. Although she enjoys it all, she favours comedy. She is a black belt in karate, a classical pianist, and is addicted to pilates and pad thai.
Check out Michelle's website and blog at
Social Media Links:
Twitter: @AuthorMichelleM
Find the Book!

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Friday, November 14, 2014


How is it two weeks til Thanksgiving?! Where has the time gone?! First official snowflakes were spotted this week. Relaxing weekend ahead, complete with a MUCH needed hair appointment. Until Monday, xo!

essie's cashmere bathrobe + essie's matte about you = the best mani I've had in a while.

this trapper keeper was an amazing find while thrifting this weekend. perfect accessory for the upcoming 90s party.

my friend from work, Dana said this girl reminds her of me...

starbucks' new chestnut praline latte is perfection in a cup.

a perfect Thursday night spent at baby tooth's left me with a laughing bellyache..aka the best kind.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Link Love!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wishful Wednesday!

Today is ALL about one of my favorite products. Here's what I'm currently lusting after.

Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume- I was in Ulta the other day and I always like to try out a new perfume before I pull the trigger. I love this fragrance, I wore it for the rest of the day and got tons of compliments on it. It's a perfect all year round scent-which are my favorite.
Elizabeth and James; Black Nirvana-I didn't love this perfume the first time I smelled it, but I keep seeing youtubers include it in their October fave vids. So maybe now that it's a colder season, I'll like it. I'm willing to give it another shot.
YSL Lipstick- I don't have a certain shade in mind, but I must get a lippy from this brand. They look so pigmated and I love the packaging. Another youtuber fave!
Dior Addict Lip Glow- A lip balm that enhances the natural color of your lips...yep, don't mind if I do.
Naked 2 & 3 palettes- This is another no brainer. I feel like I may be the only person who is obsessed with beauty products that doesn't own one of these.
Anastasia Brow Pomade- This product was used on me in Sephora and I think about it often. My brows don't need much help, but for the little bit they do, I want need this.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance- From what I hear, this is the perfect champagne eye color. Or use you can use it for it's intended purpose, as an eyelid primer.
Too Faced Melted Lipstick- in Melted Candy. The lasting power of these is insane! The one swatch lasted on my hand for days...after showers, doing dishes, and washing my hands. Imagine how good it'll look on my lips!
Clairsonic- Watch any beauty guru on youtube and you'll add one of these bad boys to your next wish list as well!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red Carpet Style.

I completely forgot the CMAs were last week! I don't really particularly like country music, so I didn't watch the award show, but I did pay attention to the fashion. Here's what I would've worn on the red carpet, cause well, you know celebrity Kayla-the red carpet slore, would've walked it.

I absolutely love the movement of this dress. It has the right amount of drama for the red carpet. I'd keep the accessories pretty simple, but I'm madly in lust with that YSL ring. It's so different and fun.

Glam would be pretty simple. Ox blood nails, rose smokey eye with a little glitter, nude lips, and the perfect messy bun to show off that neckline. 

Let me know what you think of this look; best or worst dressed? Xo!