Friday, October 24, 2014

first fiveday in a new spot!

As much as I'm loving my new name and new setup, I miss my followers. Moving blogs sucks, but I know I just need to keep posting and hopefully my followers will find me again! Anywho, I've been fighting a cold all week, so nothing too exciting to report. Fall themed dinner tonight with the girls', hiking, Rangers, maybe a sissy date day all on the horizon for the weekend. I won't lie I'm looking forward to not having a wedding to attend! Laters, xo!

such a great time visiting my cousin Nick and friend Sara up at college last weekend. It was a perfect quick getaway with tons of laughs!

leaf art

this tweet I saw on the berry says it all.

stay tuned for this upcoming series involving one of my fave things.

anyone else watching American Horror Story? this weeks episode really got me hooked! 
*image from google images

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