Tuesday, June 26, 2018

a book in review!

Brief Summary:

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author duo of The Royals and When It’s Real comes a sensational new novel about a girl falling for the one boy she should never have met…

Beth’s life hasn’t been the same since her sister died. Her parents try to lock her down, believing they can keep her safe by monitoring her every move. When Beth sneaks out to a party one night and meets the new guy in town, Chase, she’s thrilled to make a secret friend. It seems like a small thing, just for her.

Only Beth doesn’t know how big her secret really is…

Fresh out of juvie and determined to start his life over, Chase has demons to face and much to atone for, including his part in the night Beth’s sister died. Beth, who has more reason than anyone to despise him, is willing to give him a second chance. A forbidden romance is the last thing either of them planned for senior year, but the more time they spend together, the deeper their feelings get.

Now Beth has a choice to make—follow the rules, or risk tearing everything apart…again.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. When I see that Erin Watt has a new book coming out, it goes right on my to be read list. One Small Thing doesn't disappoint. Between Beth's sheltered life to Chase's secrets, it's a roller coaster ride. You'll feel for both of these main characters and want to knock some sense into everyone around them. This book will have you wondering how many times you put away your feelings so you can blend in with what everyone around you is telling you to believe/feel. I did predict the ending, but it doesn't make it that less special. One Small Thing has a bigger meaning and it's one I'm glad Chase shares with Beth, because it reminds us all to look for it. I recommend 4 star book to anyone who needs that good by the pool read, xo!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

bachelorette recap | week 2

Okay, let's get into these dates! 

Group Date; with Clay, Nick, Chris R, David, Jordan, Connor, Lincoln, Jean Blanc starting off with changing into tuxes with Becca having a hard time keeping her eyes off the eye candy. Jordan thinks women still wear pantyhose (real Princesses do, it's part of the royal code, but real women not so much!)...I cannot stand him. OMG BRYAN, HIIIIIIIYEEEEEEE! Missed you cutie, phew! Ah, I love a good obstacle course. The ice bath is hilarious, I love that they did that cause some of these guys are being such bitches about it! Lincoln is a complete cheater-sheesh, I'm super competitive, but play by the rules. 

Cocktail party after the course, I can't get a good read on Lincoln, is he being genuine? I'm not totally sure. Becca seems into the kiss, but also like he's being a little too aggressive. The guys are not happy about this photo! I feel like Clay is going to cry every time he talks. Lincoln is talking with the picture and kissing it, he is this season's Corrine. Connor throws the picture and breaks it and Lincoln gets more time. These guys are worse then the women. I really like the Becca just handles these things and steps up right away. Past seasons, they let it linger and talk to others rather then the culprit. I LOVE HER OUTFIT. Sorry for the caps, just realized. Jean Blanc gets the rose (even though it sounded like they were calling him Shawn...idk.)

Photogate is a hot topic amongst the men, no one can figure out if or when Lincoln will strike next. Or will Connor go home? Let's see..

One on One; Blake. He looks very young to me, it says 28, but he looks 24. Becca let Chris Harrison plan the date. Blake and Bec show up at a warehouse where Chris tells them they get to demolish stuff, which to me sounds like a fun time! She is making those coveralls look good with that belt. Everything they are going to eff up is stuff from her past with Arie. I'm all about an ex purge, but not with your new potential man! Becca is definitely going to smash things if they turns badly for her again, so beware boys. 

Dinner (even though they don't eat) portion of the date and I think they are having a great time. Blake seems level headed, fun, and a tad reserved which balances Becca's outgoing & bubbly presence. They are having a great conversation and I can see them together. I think he is a front runner, I'm DEF rooting for him! He gets a rose-well duh!

Group Date; with Garrett, Trent, Leo, Wills, Colton, Ricky, Christon, John, I missed a name or two... a school bus picks these guys up and they are headed to play dodgeball. It was fun to watch them and Leo is a great competitor. 

Cocktail party, next to the pool with Garrett. I like them together, he is very cute. They complement each other nicely. Ut ohhh, some drams is headed our way. Colton dated cute little Tia from last season (who we all know I loved!). Bec and Tia are friends, yikes, this could get bumpy. Oh wait, he said " a weekend together" sooo, not a relationship per se, but still messy. She is DEAD quiet when he tells her, she says he's really attractive, but this is putting her in a strange position. Wills gets the rose which surprises me, but their one on one time was good.

Rose Ceremony; Clay's one on one time was kinda cute, but he is still so MEH for me. Becca looks great in blue! I thought John's poem was going to end with "I promise you I'm a big nerd" instead of "I promise you I'll never get you hurt". Connor redeems himself by having her launch his photo. Jordan decides to go out to his one on one time with Becca in his underwear...cause he's a male model. WHY DO WE HAVE TO KEEP SAYING MALE MODEL? We get it, he is a male. His time with her is weird and then he argues with whoever he stole her away from (sorry, I missed his name!) Jordan has got to go, I get why they need him (to draw in all the viewers to see what dumb shit he'll do next, but come on!) Oh she kept Colton! Let's see where this leads...cause if anything it'll make for great TV. Alex was this season's first crier, they breakdown earlier and earlier it seems.

Next week looks good with some cute moments and it looks like my fave Blake is having great times with her. TIA IS HERE. If I hear one more time that Jordan isn't "here for the right reasons", I'm gonna lose it. See you then babes, until them DM me, comment, email, whatever let's just DISCUSS this episode, xo!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

a book in review!


Brief Summary:
The second novel in this darkly sexy contemporary series from bestselling author Monica Murphy wraps up an emotionally powerful two-part tale of forbidden love.
The truth hurts, they say—and my pain cuts deep. While I was falling for Ethan, he was deceiving me the entire time. He held a huge secret, protected by his lies. When I discovered what he was hiding, the truth shook my world, threatening to ruin us forever. Ruin me. But I soon realized that what we share can’t be destroyed.

The connection between us is too strong. It always has been. I can’t deny him any longer. And I can’t deny my truth: I’m in love with Ethan.

I don’t want to let him go.

While we’re trying our best to make this relationship work, other forces are fighting against us. My family, who wants to keep me safe. The media obsessed with my tragic past. The public that feeds off of it. Even Ethan’s father—the man who nearly destroyed me all those years ago. He’s doing his best to finish the job.

Despite my love for Ethan, the doubts creep in, clouding my mind. Is he worth the pain? Will our love survive, or will we have no choice but to end it—end us—once and for all?

I love Monica's writing style so when I saw she wrote a two-parter (the first one ends on a cliffhanger so this book is a MUST read.) and I had no plans on a Sunday, I was all in. This story literally picks up where the last one left off. Where are the first book was a rollercoster heading forward, this is that same coaster and now it's heading in reverse. There's as many ups and downs as the first book and you will be turning the pages to see how it ends up for Katie and Ethan. I highly recommend this 5 star book to anyone who needs a book they will not be able to put down, xo!

to buy both books and save money: Amazon bundle

Monday, June 4, 2018

bachelorette recap | week 1


 Here we go! Becca is taking on the role as Bachette and I'm SO excited for her season. She is a real chick and someone I could totally see myself grabbing brunch with her! If you missed out on my IG story where I explain why I am posting my recaps on Monday's, here's a refresher: I've decided I will watch the Bachette on Sundays and post my blog post on Monday. You can consider it a refresher before you watch the new episode! I just seem to have a lot going on and last season I was watching episodes at 1am to scramble to have this up on Tuesday. Once we get to the finale, I'm pretty sure I will watch that last night live and recap for Tuesday, but stay tuned-I will keep you informed. 

Yay, past Bachelorettes including my ALL TIME FAVE JoJo...her and Jordan are COMPLETE GOALS. I like the girls advice, they are being real with her and giving her sound advice of remembering to think outside of this bubble. Who knew Rachel was so funny? All of their first impression roses when to the GUY, wow how freaking cute and TELLING?! I'm keeping a very close eye on this...

 Intros; Clay the football player-talks funny, seems like a nice guy. Garret the goofball-based off looks, they'd make a cute couple. Jordan the model-you already know what I think about him, how can one person be this annoying?!? He's gotta go. Lincoln the one with the accent-seems nice, super fit! Joe the grocer-reminds me of the guy they have to have on each season, thinks he's more than he is. Jean Blanc the collector-sigh. Colton the football player who dated Aly the olympian-I loved how he courted Aly, so maybe he'll have a cute story with Bec! (Also, I follow him on IG because of the whole Aly thing..) 

Arrivals; She looks stunning in the white gown! Colton is first out and I like the confetti cannons-super cute and a great ice breakers. Grant seems like a regular guy, like him. Not into Clay and her comment about him was "he's so nervous"-eek. Jean Blanc teaching french with "let's do the damn thing!"-cute. Connor no socks, short, and proposing-he's a cutie tho. Joe is a meh, meh, meh. John looks like Benjamin Button-old! Leo with the WILD hair and he's a stunt man. Jordan the model, oof, he SCREAMS he is here to further his "brand" or "IG endorsement career". Rickey just like the tie. Alex another meh. Nick in a racing suit, wtf? An Arie cutout-yikesss Mike. A minivan? Wow, Garrett showing her the minivan? EEK. Don't these guys say to their friends "this is my idea for a first impression" and no one says "dude, do not do that." Blake on a horse, they had a cute little moment at ATFR, cute little moment now. Lincoln has a cute smile! Christon, meh. Wills the closet nerd, meh. Jason with the handshake-cute intro. I didn't catch 60/40s name, but he won't be around. No socks and no bowtie for Jake who apparently she knows from home? Hurst guy, yikesssss, Trent. Missed one I was snapping. Then David the chicken came and well, he isn't the winner so...Now there's a guy (Chris maybe?) who brought a choir, cute that they are dancing. I can see her with him (also he looks really familiar.)

Shorty-Connor stole her. He's cute and seems genuine.  Clay brought out the clay and I just can't. I believe in this process cause my Grandparents got married after 3 weeks! So ha-Chris, take your grandparents 2 months and shove it. Okay, Christon that was epic! Last thing they should do is bring out something to make them more competitive on night one! The poem guy looks like the guy from Rach's season..Eric! He looks like him! I keep getting nervous that someone is going to kiss her, but she won't want to kiss them. Her and Blake are having a really nice chat and connection. Man she is such a good sport-doing the chicken dance with David. Oh shit, DRAMAAAAA, with Chase and Chris. Chase was at ATFR, his ex said that he is trying to revamp his marking career and use the show to help him. "Here for the right reasons" should be a trademarked by ABC, they will make BANK. He isn't denying it, he's just talking about his ex and how they weren't really together. Yikes, I don't think I trust Chase one bit. 

Okay, now she's sitting with Jake who hangs in her circle at home. She is not into what he is saying/isn't saying. Like he should be saying "omg, I've been dying to get to know you and always have seen you and wanted to.." Oh he had a transformative year, wow, great, super. Sending Jake H-O-M-E...CYA and that two-fold bowtie. 

Minivan gets the 1st impression rose-remember this people! Oh, they're kissingggggg. AHHH-I could see them together for sure. 

Rose Ceremony; she's keeping lots of guys I could see her with. Why did they make the chicken put the head back on? I don't have much of a front runner, but I do see Garrett, Connor, David, Chris, and Colton going far.

Preview looks FULL of drama- I mean we already had lots of drams night one and I'm so excited for this season. Stay tuned for my recap next Monday and leave your picks in the comments, xo!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

a book in review!

Brief Summary:

Perfect for readers of Colleen Hoover, Jay Crownover, and K. A. Tucker, the first novel in this darkly sexy contemporary series from bestselling author Monica Murphy kicks off an emotionally powerful two-part tale of forbidden love.
Crazy how eight years can disappear in an instant. One look at Katie Watts, and I'm a fifteen-year-old again--the one who risked everything to save a terrified girl from her twisted kidnapper. She's grown-up now--beautiful, quiet, composed--and telling her story to the world. A story that involves me in more ways than you can imagine. She used to call me her guardian angel. Sure, I risked my life, but she was worth dying for.

I need to make contact with her. Just to ensure that she's safe.

Somehow we reconnect. We become friends . . . but I want more. I want to make her mine. And she wants me too. Does she know who I am? Has she figured me out? Not yet. But she will. In the meantime, I need to make sure that whatever hold that animal had on her is gone.

So, yeah, I'm stealing these moments with her. Savoring them. Knowing, dreading, that she'll soon find out who I really am. And everything will fall apart. All because of that twisted, perverted monster sitting on death row. Her kidnapper. A convicted serial killer.

My father.

I love Monica's writing style so when I saw she wrote a two-parter (the this one ends on a cliffhanger so the second book is a MUST read.) and I had no plans on a Sunday, I was all in. This story has tons of drama and dark moments which make for a gripping read, but it has more than that. This story has heart, you will be rooting for hard for Katherine. What happens to her is heartbreaking and following her along on her journey really makes you think about what happens to victims of these sort of crimes. I recommend this 5 star read to anyone who is looking to get lost in a very well written page turner, xo! 


Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Release Day with a review!

Brief Summary:
Kristy Martin is twenty-something, single and living it up in Chicago. She has a crew of close girlfriends to keep her social calendar active, and is celebrating finally securing employment in her chosen field. While always free-spirited, Kristy is getting tired of the revolving door – or more accurately, bed – of random guys and failed dates, and comes up with a plan to get her act together when it comes to the opposite sex. That idea is quickly shot down by her bestie Breely Laver and replaced with a bet she can’t refuse – a free trip to Paris with her yoga instructor BFF if she can go six months without sex.

Enter in charming, sexy, delicious Grey Grahl. Kristy tries to navigate a spicy new relationship without giving away her bet, while also dealing with an incredibly sensitive crisis at her job. Her first year as a full-time elementary school guidance counselor starts off with a devastating situation with a young student, and Kristy finds herself struggling to stay above water in both her professional and personal life. With her girlfriends as a support system, Kristy navigates troubled times at the school and agrees to come clean with Grey.

This first book in a six-part girlfriend series introduces you to Kristy, Breely, Nora, Lauren, Tinsley and Scarlett, and takes readers on six individual stories about relationships, career choices, personal conflict and the bond of friendship. 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Samantha is one of the best story tellers who goes into detail, but not overly where you can still create your perfect views of the characters in your head. Her writing style will hook you and you will need to read everything she writes! When she decided to take on a series featuring a group of girlfriends, I was all in. I love series and this book is so realistic, it's unreal. Kristy is the perfect lead to start off the series; she's likeable, real, vulnerable, and you will think of her as a girl in your circle. If you want your first beach read, look no further than this 5 star book, xo!


a book in review!

A Royal Shade of Blue Tour Kit
Modern Royals #1
292 pages
Publisher - Self Published
Release Date - 16th May 2018

When art history student Clementine Jones receives a message complimenting her latest internship project, she doesn’t hesitate to answer it.

She never dreamed that this decision would not only change her life but the future of the British monarchy as well.

Her response leads Clementine to the mysterious CP Chadwick, a British man studying history at Cambridge. Clementine finds CP charming, smart, and unlike any man she’s ever met. Most of all, when she confides her medical past to CP, his perception of her doesn’t change. He doesn’t treat her as fragile like her parents do. CP sees her as normal, which is something she cherishes.

Clementine, however, has no idea that CP is actually Prince Christian of Wales, who has never had a “normal” life. Christian is at a crossroad. His destiny is to be a working royal, but he is desperate to fill that role in his own way. Wary of others, he’s kept himself closed off from the world—until he lets Clementine in.

A royal romance is never a fairy tale, but Clementine and Christian are determined to write their own version. Can they overcome their own fears—as well as the constraints of a royal life—to reach their own happily ever after?

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I love the Royals, there's something so glamorous about the regal life, so when Aven decided she was going to tackle the monarchy I was ALL IN! Clementine is the everyday, average girl and she has an ordinary thing happen to her, she gets a DM on IG from a stranger. But this stranger is about to change her whole life. This story has everything a romantic comedy should have; a prince, tons of funny moments, a relatable heroine, and hope in love. Clem and Christian's story made me fall in love with romance all over again. If you have a Royal Wedding hangover, pick this up and swoon all over again. I promise this 5 star best seller will be everything you need in your next favorite love story, xo!
About the Author
I live in the Dallas area with my family. I enjoy clipping out recipes I will never get around to trying, working out, and chatting with friends on social media. I’m a hockey nut (Go Stars!) and watch as much as humanly possible. I also love shopping and fashion and admit to being obsessed with whatever the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing. In addition to be obsessed with the Duchess, I’m equally obsessed with any show or cookbook featuring Gordon Ramsay.